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Bathroom Painting.

The easiest way to give your bathroom a makeover is to give it a fresh coat of paint.

Bathroom Painting.

Whether you are renewing your whole bathroom, need a colour refresh or repair of the existing bathroom, Callan Painting can help.

A bathroom is an area of the house that has exposure to a high amount of moisture and water. For beautiful results, this needs to be considered when preparing walls, repairing any damage and choosing the quality and type of paint. With our experience, we know the techniques to use to prevent chipping, flacking and excess mould which is common in bathrooms. Our experience and top quality work ensures your new paint job extra longevity, this is vital in a room that gets heavy use.

Our goal is always to help you achieve a uniquely beautiful bathroom painting project. With a keen eye for matching colours and mixing paints, Callan Painting can guide you through selecting the shades and textures if you’re out of ideas. Having painted for many years, and many bathrooms, we are certainly not short of inspiration!

Bathroom Painting Brisbane

The Process.

We deliver the ultimate painting and decorating experience.


We pride ourselves in fair and accurate quotes. As each project has it’s unique requirements therefore our quoting process is thorough and individualized. Once we have a phone chat and establish how we can assist with your bathroom painting project, we will arrange to come out to your site. Within 24 hours the full detailed quote will be emailed.


Preparation & protection

The way we prep for a job will directly effect the quality of finish. This is the case for all painting work and particularly important when working in a bathroom. Not only will all surfaces be prepared thoroughly, we will ensure all fittings and bathroom components are protected, including your bathroom wall tiles, floors and windows.


When applying paint in a bathroom, careful, accurate and thoughtful application is required. This is because of the nature of the room being exposed to moisture and water. Don't panic, your bathroom is in safe hands! We have extensive experience with painting bathrooms, an eye for detail, a steady hand and a genuine passion for our trade.

The finishing touch

Customer satisfaction is of upmost important to us which means the job isn't complete once the work is finished. The job will be complete once we have walked you through and ensured 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will remove all rubbish promptly and clean up after ourselves - no terrible tradie mess to be seen!

Why choose us for your bathroom painting project?

Bathroom Painting

20+ years of experience and knowledge

As third generation painters and decorators with an Irish heritage, it's definitely no understatement to say we are specialists in our field. We pride ourselves in knowing that our skill and technique has been learnt from 'old school' teachings. 

Fully insured & QBCC Licenced: 15183251

Not only do we have years of experience and testimonials from past clients, our team of painters are qualified, fully insured and hold a QBCC licence. 

100% Workmanship satisfaction guarantee

To us, the job isn't finished with the last brush of paint. We tidy up after ourselves (no tradie mess will be seen!) and then walk you through the project. Touch ups may be required and we will do so until you're 100% happy. 

Free quotes and complimentary colour consultations

It goes without saying that our quotes will always be free with no obligations. We also include a complimentary colour consultation as we know it can be difficult to decide on colours when starting a new project. Over the years we have seen it all, we are never short of ideas or inspiration.

Are you looking for a painter you can trust?